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Information regarding Butterfield Bank (UK) Limited     

If you held an account previously with Butterfield Bank (UK) Limited and have a query (such as the need for specific statement copies) please send a letter to the address below outlining your query and we will be in contact about how best we can help you. 

          Butterfield Mortgages Limited 
          Sun Court
          66 – 67 Cornhill
          EC3V 3NB

Do not send any additional documents at this stage.

If you believe that you have unclaimed money previously held in an account at Butterfield Bank (UK) Limited, and wish us to investigate further, please download a copy of the account tracing form and send it directly to the address above. Again, do not send any additional documents at this stage.

We will investigate and write to you within 30 days advising whether a relationship was held, whether the account was closed and if there may be an outstanding balance.

If a balance is outstanding, we will also advise you of the documentation you will be required to send to us to validate your claim. You will also be requested to provide your authorisation to perform any electronic searches necessary to confirm your identity along with bank details to which any monies due should be paid.

Once we have received the requested documentation, we will perform the checks and will write to you within 30 days either requesting additional information and/or documentation or confirming that we have paid the money to your nominated account.

Please note that there may be charges applied for investigative work on historic accounts. Our schedule of charges can be viewed here.





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